"Wo kann man denn einen Bumerang kaufen?"
"Sind Bumerangs generell eine Waffe?"
"Wie muß man einen Bumerang werfen, damit er auch wirklich zurückkommt?"
"Ist Bumerangwerfen eigentlich ein richtiger Sport?"
"Warum kommt der Bumerang zurück?"
"Bumerangs kommen doch aus Australien, oder?"

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  3. November 2008 | Der DBC ist 30 Jahre alt! Glückwünsche!

gm - Was sagt euch eigentlich der 3. November? Genauer: Der 3. November 1978? Damals trafen sich in Dossenheim im Restaurant "Zum Waldfrieden" sieben (!) Bumerangwerfer, die an diesem Tag die Gründungsmitglieder des Deutschen Bumerang Club werden wollten!

Zur Vereinsgründung und zum ersten INFO gab es damals Glückwünsche von Max Hoeben und Tonnie van der Gijp, Jacques Thomas, Bill McGovern, Herb Smith, Dave Jones und Stephen Silady.
In dieser Tradition erhielt der DBC - und damit wir alle - zum Geburtstag wieder Grüße aus aller Welt.

Und diese Grüße spiegeln viel der Ereignisse der letzten 30 Jahre wider...

Mit dem guten Boomerang Bay Chardonnay bzw. Shiraz stießen wir auf der JHV 2008 auf den DBC an

HAPPY B-DAY DBC! You Guys have shown us how to be the BEST boomerang club in the world! Thanks for supplying the motivation! And thanks for helping us elect Obama! Haha!
Gregg Snouffer/USA
"Ich Habe Vorfahrt!"

Dear friends.
First... congratulations for your aniversaire. It look like the boomerang world now have some adults asociations, And thats right, becouse there are a lot of other young clubs, or asscoiations that turn their eyes to you, like an example to follow.
Thanks from all the spanish throwers. Keep going.
Alejandro Palacio Echeverri/E

Congratulations, DBC on 30 years! I remember it well! Wasn't Guenter Veit involved in those early days?
I started throwing competitively in 1979 in Washington DC and remember reading about some of the German throwers in Ben Ruhe's Book, "Many Happy Returns", back in 1977, so for me it just seems like yesterday when all the international clubs were just forming and the sport was young and exciting.
Of course I remember having Frido and Torsten over to the States in the summers of their high school years, and then having all the young guns at the house in 1998 when the World Cup was in Saint Louis. I think MIchael Siems and I were together with Stephan Marguerite in being the only throwers having attended every world cup until I finally had to stay home in 2002, and all 3 of us were in Seattle, so there are some guys who have been throwing longer than the Bowers have been alive!
A great history of throwing in Germany and all those world championships! Konzelmann, Giesenschlag, Frost, Moeller, Veit, Freidrich, Bertling, Wolfgang Puck..oh wait...he's a chef . Anyway, great memories, great history, All the best for the next 30 years. And if you don't mind, we might like the trophy back again sometime. I'm going to take Gregg's place as coach since he had his shot at it and Gary and I are going to whip our lads into shape. So keep training the next generation of German throwers!
All the best wishes,
Chet Snouffer/USA

Gunter and all DBC members,
Happy 30th birthday to the DBC! For the DBC to last 30 years is an amazing feat, it points to a dedicated group of enthusiasts who take the love of boomerangs out into the world and continue to attract new enthusiasts. It also points to 30 years of strong leadership at the DBC, leadership who have kept the club vibrant through all the changes in the world in the past 30 years. Keep up the great work and we can all look forward to celebrating the DBC's 100th birthday.
Boomerang Love,
Clay Dawson/USA

Hi boomerang friends,
surely I could write sentences of celebration, but my style is different. excuse me if I prefer to write some flashes of my memory to remember what the DBC has produced.
I have had the fortune to bet on the Young-Guns in 96 to Christchurch when all gave the Americans for winning, it was the first of many victories!!; when I started to organize the tournament of roma the first foreigners to visit us they were the Germans; the beach boomerang of Viareggio would not have been born if there had not been the travemunder; I don't know your language but your magazines they have some professionalism inside; I miss a lot of german people because my late arrive in the boomerang world, but i meet an impressive quantity of german throwers and all of high quality and of great humanity; a big help to the birth of the IFBA that I hope succeeds in reaching an age so long.
long life to the DBC
Maurizio Saba/I

Das 'Kreuz' (s.o.) war das DBC-Logo, das 'Oval' wurde auf T-Shirts gedruckt

Herzliche Gratulation dem DBC zum 30 Jährigen bestehen.
Schade, dass immer alles in Englisch kommuniziert wird.
Zur Kenntnisnahme: Stephan Spirgi ist neuer Präsident der SBF, ich bin zurückgetreten. Weiter ist Fred Declercq Vizepräsident und Lorenz Gubler ist Mitgliederverwalter, Kassier und Webmaster.
Ich wünsche euch eine gute JHV.
Ruedi Salzmann/CH

Congratulations on a wonderful mile stone. The boomerang fraternaty looks up ot you guys and admires your achievements over this period.
Keep up the high standards you have set. the sport needs you guys.
Congratulations DBC - may your association continue to grow and prosper.
Have a great meeting - my thoughts are with you all
Bruce Carter/AUS
Australian national boomerang throwing coach on Behalf of the
Boomerang association of Australia - members and throwers

I whish to the DBC members my best regards and sincere congratulations for keeping a boomerang association like yours !
it's been hard this past decade to keep doing competitions and promoting our sport but so far Germany as the strongest power and membership to lead the boomerang world thru the time.
good luck to everyone and I hope to see you again on the field somewhere.
sincerely yours
Stéphane Marguerite/F

The DBC through Michael Siems and Uli K. were responsible for my becoming involved with the international team cup.
In 1988, the team cup was held in three countries - Germany was one. Since I didn't want to stay at home while Doug travelled across Europe, I asked and was told that I could come, too. What a wonderful trip! As partial payment for your generosity in letting me travel with the group, I offered to help at each of the tournaments. You took me up on my offer! Little did I know that this was the start of a journey across many years to many more countries.
When I was growing up, I can honestly say that I never thought that I would judge at boomerang tournaments - national or international. I can also honestly say that I have enjoyed most (not all - you must know that) of my time at the cups - especially getting to meet new people and catch up with friends.
Now that I have rested from the last cup, let me say thank you for the opportunity to be part of the international boomerang community.
Diane DuFresne/USA

Dear members of the DBC,
Congratulations on your 30 years of excellent promotion of our sport. In Deutchland and around the world.
My first association with the DBC and some of its members was the first international team cup in 1987.
Since that time I have enjoyed seeing all of you develop as boomerangers and I have always admired your spirit.
Seeing you again is one of the main reasons I want to go to the team cup every couple of years. Another main reason is that the organizers keep inviting Diane.
I am honored that many of you are my friends.
All the best to all of you! I am looking forward to seeing you in 2010 -- or anytime.
Doug DuFresne/USA

In den Zeiten des Internet wurde das 'Oval' aktualisiert

It is good to hear that the DBC is 30 years old. I started competing in 1974 and have watched this sport go from aussi only competitions to full on world championships with many countries represented. Your assotiation has produced some of the best throwers and teams in the world. I think the standard in Germany is somthing that the rest of the world could aim to emulate! There is still fun in the comps and great throwing as well. I have made many great friends there and i hope that the association gets stronger and stronger. Cheers
Rob Croll/AUS

DBC, HUGE congratulations for reaching your 30th year as a club, and I know there will be lots more anniversaries for you in the future. ( maybe one time you will lose the world cup )only joking, I could not think of a more deserving team than yours.
Leonie Metzakis/AUS

I would like to send my very best wishes to the DBC on its 30th birthday, I have some very fond memories of the early German championships and the 2 fantastic World Cups held their.
My only bad thought is my 5 hour ordeal of being lost in Hamburg somewhere and heading on the autobahn to Berlin instead of the local accomodation after a long day at the stahdpark.
Your club and country is a credit to the boomerang community of the world and it has been a pleasure for me to have met many of you.
Have a wiesen beer for me
Roger Perry/AUS

Hi German friends,
In 1982 I took over the British Boomerang Society, at that time we were dependent on the Americans for our magazine. I looked at what was available at the time and liked Bumerang Welt, it was so well put together that I modelled the British Boomerang Society Journal on it and that has been the formula ever since. Info was also an inspiration.
In World Boomeranging, we in Britain and Ireland will not be at the top of the competitive tables but we like to think of ourselves as the social champions. If ever I am asked about the World boomerang fraternity, I always pay the Germans the compliment of being one of the most friendly and helpful Societies there is.
You are a bunch of wonderful people, brilliant throwers, generous, kind, humerous and good drinkers. Remember you are always welcome to all of our competitions over here.
Happyt Birthday and many more of them
All the best
Sean, Jay, Adam and all the British and Irish throwers

My sincere congratulations on the DBC's successful completion of 30 years! Hope your celebration will include throwing and catching, climate permitting! We're up to our elbows in snow here so i'm spending my days painting blanks carved and thrown during the warmer months. I'll be back out to the fields in 4 months!
Best wishes!
Patrick Cardiff/USA

Ich wünsche dem DBC alles Gute zu seinem 30 jährigen Bestehen und noch viele weitere schöne Jahre!
Gerhard Walter/A

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