"Wo kann man denn einen Bumerang kaufen?"
"Sind Bumerangs generell eine Waffe?"
"Wie muß man einen Bumerang werfen, damit er auch wirklich zurückkommt?"
"Ist Bumerangwerfen eigentlich ein richtiger Sport?"
"Warum kommt der Bumerang zurück?"
"Bumerangs kommen doch aus Australien, oder?"

Im Bereich Bumerang:
Im Bereich Sport:
Deutsche Rekorde

DBC-Vereinshaftpflicht (13 KB)
Organisationshilfe für Bumerangturniere (18 KB)
Bumerang-Zertifikate (42 KB)
DBC-Regelwerk (Schüler) (88 KB)
DBC-Regelwerk (Indoor) (92 KB)
Formular zur Einzugsermächtigung (97 KB)
Handbuch zum Umgang mit der DBC-Home Page (113 KB)
DBC-Beginner-Regelwerk (114 KB)
Head2Head (140 KB)
DBC-Regelwerk (Outdoor) (204 KB)
DBC-Vereinsordnung (Mai 2005) (397 KB)
Bumerang-Simulation (945 KB)
DBC-Flyer (8 Seiten) (1644 KB)

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  7. Juli 2015 | Fly around the World challenge

ts - Heinz Willy startet eine "Around the World" Tour mit einem Bumerang. Lest, macht mit, habt Spaß! Hier die englische Version.

One boomerangs circles the planet

Hi everyone!

My name is Heinz-Willi Dammers and I am the founder of the Facebook group "The World of Boomerang"(TWOB).

First of all I would like to thank all members and friends of TWOB for all the great pictures, videos and postings. This group will only breathe and live with great members like you!

For you, for me, and for all Boomerang friends in the world, I initiate the "FLY AROUND THE WORLD CHALLENGE":


As you have recognized in the video I have built the TWOB-Rang! And with your help and guidance this boomerang will fly around the world!

How Will(y)It Work?

One of you will receive the "TWOB-Rang" by mail. Take your mobile phone and videotape:

  • Throw the TWOB Rang (catch it, if possible :)
  • Tell us who you are!
  • Tell us something about the location of your throw (and catch!:)
  • Tell us, to whom you will send "Uncle TWOB" next. Of course you should ask this thrower in advance whether he wants to participate or not.....!
  • Throw your favourite boomerang and tell us your special story! (most beautiful boomerang /oldest boomerang,... ) it is up to you. Make it special!
  • Forward the boomerang to the next thrower and post video (or images) on TWOB Facebook. Send one version to me! (high resolution)
  • info@hwd-bumerang.de

    The boomerang is too small to allow all throwers to sign it, therefore I will supply a "Certification-booklet". Anyone who has thrown, may sign the booklet (name! where! when!) don´t forget your special greetings to the Boomerang Community!

    2018 the boomerang should return to me again.

    This Boomerang won´t be "short"! Indeed, the possibly widest return ever!

    My intention is to compile a big TWOB Movie!

    The boomerang itself and the "Certification Booklet" will be auctioned at the the boomerang World Cup 2018!

    ----------------------------------------- The proceeds will be donated to:

    "Running Kids" by Peter Borsdorff . He collects money to support handicapped or sick children.


    This will be a great event, and it will work if you all join in!

    Please give this Boomerang a ride and toss it around the world!

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